Fiona eats meat which is a bit weird for a bunny

She's a bit brash around the edges, but she'll totally play off being a "defenceless" bunny until she slams her opponents into the ground who she'll mock for losing to a "poor little bunny". A smart fighter who takes advantage of her speed, she'll fight more like a wolf then a rabbit as she wears down her opponents with quick and powerful attacks. Fiona can also use a decent array of magic, rather then being restricted to a type of power like our heroines. The payoff to her being able to use the spells is that she has to "cast them". While the demon hunters can just use their powers. But she has the same supernatural strength as demons like Ferania, while she has a divine soul instead of a demonic soul. Fiona also has strong regenerative powers and is quite tough despite being a bunny girl.